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soil and earth drill EB1,0

Product number: EB

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This soil drill contains a drill bit as standard, drill bits with 180 mm Ø, 300 mm Ø and 500 mm Ø can be ordered. The cardan shaft is standard. 

As a special feature, a shear pin safety device is fitted to the drill body and not to the PTO shaft.
The shear pin can therefore break before the overload reaches the gearbox, the PTO shaft or the tractor.

The blades at the drill tip are bolted and therefore replaceable.

standard equipment:

  • Drilling depth maximum 100cm
  • 1 drill 180mm-Ø and 1 drill 300mm-Ø
  • Drill length approx. 100cm
  • Cardan shaft
  • Handle
  • Shear bolt on the drill (=overload protection)
  • Tractor power at least 15 kW
  • PTO shaft speed max. 540 rpm
  • Drill speed 330 rpm
  • Three-point rear mounting category: 2 (also available with cat. 1 on order from approx. 2-3 weeks)
  • length 360cm
  • width 94cm
  • height 165cm
  • Total weight approx. 180 kg
  • Manufacturer: Bystron


  • Additional drills in different diameters

descriptive video soil and earth drill EB1,0:

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