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The installation of fence posts on paddocks and in general in landscaping, when done manually, requires a lot of effort and time. A useful aid is therefore augers, which are simply coupled to a tractor and also help you with planting and laying foundations.

How does an earth drill for tractors work?

If you decide to use a mechanically driven soil drill, the drive is provided by the power take-off shaft of your tractor. The drill is set in motion via the PTO shaft, which is attached to the three-point hydraulic system at the rear of the tractor and connected to the PTO shaft. The spiral disc of the drill is driven into the ground and reaches a drilling depth of up to one meter. The pressure from above and the rotation of the drill creates perfectly shaped holes in your meadows or fields for tractors.

Thanks to the two drills with different diameters, which are already included in the standard equipment, you can adjust the size of the hole to your needs. Changing the drill bit is uncomplicated. Due to the speed of 330 rpm the auger is very effective and works fast, so that you can erect your fence within a short time. The accompanying handle makes the operation of the auger even easier, because you can guide it to the right place. As soon as the drill body touches the ground, the device takes over the complete work for you.

What advantages do PTO-driven soil drills offer?

Our earth drills with power take-off drive have a shear pin safety device on the drill body instead of on the cardan shaft. This has the advantage that in case of overload only the shear pin breaks. The gearbox, the cardan shaft and the entire drill tractor remain undamaged thanks to the overload protection.

Another advantage is that there is little maintenance required. This is due to the fact that no additional drive hydraulics have been installed for the drill; instead, the energy of the power take-off shaft is used as drive. In addition, an auger for tractors saves you a lot of time, because it can automatically and effectively drill many holes of the same size into the ground.

One of the most important advantages for you is also the operation which is easy on the body. The powerful drill takes over the drilling of the holes for you in contrast to a manual device. The weight is carried by the tractor. You save your strength, because nothing has to be lifted. In addition, thanks to its ergonomic advantages, a three-point earth borer with PTO drive is suitable for regular and effective use in forestry and agriculture.

These are the advantages of tractor-mounted soil drills over hand-operated equipment:

  • Time saving
  • Effective
  • No need for carrying and lifting equipment; Ergonomic advantages
  • Powerful
  • secure handling
  • for use in forestry, gardening and landscaping

On which tractors can I operate a PTO soil drill?

The augers can be connected to all tractors with a tractor power of at least 15 kW. This is necessary because the drill is quite heavy. In addition, the speed of the PTO shaft must not be higher than 540 rpm.

Result: Work effectively and powerfully with Vielitz equipment

If you are looking for a powerful machine that helps you to drill holes in the landscape, garden, fence and paddock construction without damaging the soil, a Vielitz power take-off drill is the right helper for you.
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