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Working platform/work basket TOOLLESS FOLDABLE, type 400F, hot dip galvanized

Product number: 400F-B-WARE
599 €  *
Immediately available in standard equipment.
* all prices inclusive of VAT


Important Notice:
Our working platform 400 F is still manufactured in Europe as a big exception in the market, so it has a very high stability with a 400kg payload. Of course the platform is delivered hot-dip galvanized, instead of a simple spray galvanizing only with zinc paint (please compare).
The German instruction plate (on the upper grille) has an area for attaching the inspection sticker to avoid problems during the inspection inspection.

The enormous stability of our platform can also be seen in the high dead weight (125 kg) and the very high payload of 400 kg (instead of only 250-300 kg). 

With a working platform or a working basket for forklift trucks, safety in operation can be significantly increased and accidents avoided. Many of those who have used "self-made baskets or boxes for other purposes" as a work basket often do not know that liability in the event of accidents can extend to the private assets of the management. This also applies to seemingly secure legal forms such as a limited liability company (GmbH). The management may have to assume private liability. This is a very high risk in relation to the favorable price of the work basket.

Ideal for maintenance and repair work at great heights or for the assembly of larger objects. Particularly stable, therefore a load capacity of 400 kg is possible!
Thanks to hot-dip galvanizing, the work platform has a long service life.

standard equipment:

  • European production 
    100% tool-less and therefore very quickly foldable for low space requirements, e.g. for shelf storage
    Fully hot-dip galvanized (no simple spray galvanizing with zinc paint)
    Max. load 400 kg / 2 persons
    Dead weight 125 kg
    Permissible total weight 525 kg
    Plenty of space, as there are no additional components inside the platform
    very large, hot-dip galvanized tool box to hang into the side railing
    Dimensions tool box approx. 650mm x 200mm x 150mm
    entrance pockets approx. 160 x 60mm 
    inner dimension between the entry pockets approx. 460mm
    Reinforcements under the anti-slip tear plate floor
    Drainage holes in the bottom tray
    Length in fork direction 115 cm x width 135 cm x height 206 cm
    anti-slip protection with 2 locking bolts
    with operating and folding instructions

    The legally required initial and subsequent inspections must be carried out by the purchaser.

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