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Horse arena planner RPN PLUS

Product number: RPNPLUS

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Our Vielitz - Riding arena planner RPN PLUS is the perfect device to maintain your riding arena. The plus stands for a more extensive equipment of this arena planner and better suitability for higher quality riding surfaces. It does not matter whether the ground contains additives of non-woven or fibrous materials. 
3 rows with vibrating double tedder tines (approx. 32cm long) work, loosen and mix the riding layer. The height adjustment is carried out centrally via the lower link hydraulics and the back-up roller.
A levelling bar (can be mounted either on the first or last row of tines) smoothes out slight unevenness and spreads the riding surface. The levelling bar is adjustable in height and removable.
The large grid roller (32cmØ) with internal auger with optimum incline ensures excellent reconsolidation. The standard band wheel always keeps the perfect distance to the riding band and thus prevents damage. The also standard hoofbeat scraper >/strong> transports excess material to the inside. 
The hot-dip galvanized design increases the life and value of the planner.
To ensure that we can really speak of a good riding arena planner, we attach great importance to the excellent work of the tools on the ground. Unevenness and footprints should not just be "covered up". The riding surface should be loosened, worked and then reconsolidated over the entire working width.
Vielitz riding surface planner --- excellent in function, quality and handling --- quality since 1959.

standard equipment:

  • 160, 200 or 250cm working width 
  • hot galvanized frame and roller
  • 3 rows of double tedder tines (32cm long)
  • Levelling bar, can be mounted on the 1st or 3rd row of tines (height adjustable and removable)
  • Following roller with internal screw
  • Stepless spindle height adjustment for roller
  • Support foot
  • Band wheel can be inserted in the front or rear of the frame
  • Hoof trimmer, adjustable
  • Three-point linkage Category I and II
  • Cheap shipping, since unassembled in transport box
  • With operating instructions and spare parts list
  • Photos + video partly show special accessories (trailing device). This is not in the standard equipment!

Riding arena ground suitability  
Riding sand: yes  
Riding sand / fleece: yes
Riding sand / shavings: yes
Ebb and flow riding arena: yes


  • Trailing device Cat- I + II with central centering and safety device in transport position

With the VIELITZ trailing device, the track planner runs behind the towing vehicle like a trailer. So the track planner runs neatly behind the tractor even during cornering.
The advantage: considerably less riding surface is shifted laterally and the riding arena has to be straightened much less often.
You can work in circular movements thanks to the "non-stop" tracking device and save yourself the need to lift/lower the machine and realign the tractor.
Of course the trailing device can be locked for road transport.
An additional advantage of a riding arena planner with trailing device: The machine runs somewhat more smoothly on the riding arena and can compensate for minor unevenness and displacements.
Without the trailing device on the riding arena planner, you can also achieve an excellent result, but it is a little more comfortable with the trailing device.


descriptive video Horse arena planner RPN PLUS:

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