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The advantages of a railway planner:

Especially for riding arenas with fleece floors or shavings, a riding arena planner makes a lot of sense and saves time and nerves: With daily use, the components "sink" and at some point the benefit of the originally expensively purchased ground fizzles out. This is where a track planner from us comes into play: Simply connect it to the tractor's three-point hydraulic system and drive down the riding arena - done!

Thanks to the standard ribbon wheel, you always keep the ideal distance to the riding arena.

The hoof trimmer is adjustable and easy to operate. It automatically clears the sand from the board back to the riding surface.

Our riding arena planners are robustly and stably built and you will enjoy your new machine for a long time. The galvanization underlines this once again impressively.

Your advantages at a glance:

Maintenance and value retention of the high-quality riding surface
Animal-friendly ground conditions = improved health of your horse
Easy handling

Riding arena planner: Ground care for the health of your horses

A riding arena needs good care so that your horses running on it are not endangered, because unevenness favours injuries. In addition, as a user you want to have something from the expensive purchase of a riding arena for a long time and should therefore counteract a lack of ground care. It is therefore especially important, whether in the riding hall or on the riding arena, to work the ground with a riding arena planner and thus create optimal ground conditions.

What is a riding arena planner?

With a riding arena planner you can maintain, loosen and smooth the riding arena floor. This is also necessary because riding arenas used over a longer period of time form lumps and unevenness which can hinder and endanger work with horses.
The comb-like double spring tines of the Riding Arena Leveller penetrate the soil, loosen and mix it up by vibration and crush the larger lumps. Even soils in which non-woven or fibrous materials have been added are no obstacle. Behind the tines there is a levelling bar or a trailing roller, depending on the model, which is used for levelling and compacting. This prevents unevenness. The remaining material that accumulates is spread over a large area on the ground by the internal auger.

Easy riding arena care with the integrated hoofbeat cleaner

The easy-to-use hoofbeat scraper ensures that the sand that has accumulated at the edge of the track as a result of riding is brought back to the riding surface by the gang. As this function is part of the standard equipment of our models, there is no need for the time-consuming clearing of the gang with a manual hoofbeat scraper.
Using the three-point hydraulic system, you can couple our planners to a tractor and thus easily work large areas. The band wheel attached to the side of the machine keeps the distance to the riding band and thus prevents damage to the band and the riding arena planner.

Individual riding arena planners ideal for your use

Our models are galvanized, which makes them particularly robust, and have a working width of two meters. Nevertheless, they differ in the following points:

  • 2 or 3 zinc rows
  • 17 double harrow tines or 22 double spring tines
  • levelling bar or trailing roller
  • Weight.

This allows you to choose the most suitable riding arena planner to suit your wishes - regardless of whether it is a riding arena planner with roller or with levelling bar. Depending on how your riding arena is constructed, individual components of the Multi Seat Riding Arena Planner can also be adapted to your needs by means of cranks. This makes the device an individually usable helper for the equestrian sport.

What are the advantages of a riding arena planner?

A riding arena planner makes the work much easier when the ground material no longer has to be laboriously loosened, distributed and levelled by hand. Instead, you can work your indoor riding arena or riding arena with this device within a short time and benefit from further advantages:

  • Care and value retention of the high-quality riding surface
  • Animal-friendly soil conditions
  • Easy handling
  • Longevity through robust and stable construction and galvanization
  • Saving of time and effort >/li>
  • For all types of flooring flexible use (e.g. fleece, chips)

Vielitz - Expertise in all areas

Not only in equestrian sports do we supply valuable technology for daily use, we can also score points with agricultural equipment, forestry technology or winter maintenance equipment. If, for example, you have large pastures or a forest area in addition to your riding arena, you can also benefit from the advantages of a high grass mower or a Log splitter. You can create valuable energy wood e.g. with a Profi woodchopper, which you will find in various designs in our range.

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