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Forklift shovels SM + SH

Product number: SM+SH
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Vielitz - forklift shovels are hot dip galvanized and therefore have the best possible corrosion protection. Forklift shovels that only require a very simple galvanizing, spray galvanizing or maybe even just a paint coat are quickly susceptible to rusting through. With our HOT DIP GALVANIZING you increase the value and service life of your shovel many times over.

Attachment of this shovel to your forklift truck is very simple: Retract -- connect / secure -- ready!
With this forklift shovel you can, for example, also pick up snow and unload it again at another location or on a truck. 

  • Long durability and value retention through strong hot-dip galvanizing
  • High payload up to 1,000 kg
  • universally applicable, with tipping device manual or hydraulic
  • Quickly attachable and detachable to your forklift truck >/li>
  • Optional: forklift truck - tilting bucket mechanical, suitable for forklift trucks without additional hydraulic connection or forklift truck - tilting bucket hydraulic, suitable for forklift trucks with additional hydraulic connection. In this version the cylinders are protected behind the bucket and do not protrude over the edge of the bucket as in other systems. Only in this way are the cylinders safely installed and protected against collision damage.

standard equipment:

  • load capacity up to 1.000 kg available
  • hot-dip galvanized design
  • optional mechanical tipping device (pull rope)
  • or hydraulic tipping device with 1 or 2 cylinders
  • anti-slip device (safety chain)
  • scraper rail made of hardened steel
  • convenient transport, because partly assembled

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