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After many years of employment for a regional wholesaler, the company founder Albert Friedrich Vielitz used his reputation with farmers and traders, as well as his professional qualifications, and became self-employed on 22 April 1959.

Firmengründer Albert Friedrich Vielitz
Company founder Albert Friedrich Vielitz

He traded under the name "Albert Friedrich Vielitz - Landmaschinen". Many successful years followed with the distribution and sale of famous and internationally known agricultural machinery. After a short time the first small warehouse and an office were built.

Neubau des ersten Firmengebäudes im Jahr 1959
New construction of the first company building in 1959.

Due to the increasing sales numbers and space requirements, a new commercial building was purchased and as early in 1967 the first construction phase of the new headquarters in Schwanewede was completed.

Ständige Erweiterung: Neubau der Firma im Jahr 1967
Continuous expansion: New building of the company in 1967

On 02.01.1979 the company name was changed from "Albert Friedrich Vielitz" to today's "Vielitz GmbH".
Also in 1979 the 2nd construction phase with an additional warehouse and an extended office building was completed.

Erweiterung des bestehenden Büro- und Lagergebäudes im Jahr 1979
Extension of the existing office and warehouse building in 1979

Ben Vielitz - son of Albert Friedrich Vielitz - started his activity at Vielitz GmbH on 01.07.1982.

Until 31.07.1994 Albert Friedrich Vielitz was managing director of Vielitz GmbH. Ben Vielitz took over the management on the following day, 01.08.1994.

In the whole company history the own products of the line "VIELITZ" took more and more place. In the course of time, the number of classic factory representatives decreased until these agricultural machinery factory representatives were finally given up completely.
This step was necessary in order to continue to pay full attention to our own products. Only by this important step it was possible for us to establish constant innovations and innovations on the market and to have the necessary freedom of trade for it. Therefore, we do not have any agricultural machinery factory representatives for some decades and only sell machines under our own name.

On 01.07.2005 Henning Vielitz joined Vielitz GmbH as the third generation.

In May 2006, Vielitz GmbH moved from Schwanewede to Bremen in order to be able to meet the demands of the growing market. Due to the new location directly on the A27, customers and forwarding agents can reach Vielitz quickly.


Since 01.01.2015, Henning and Ben Vielitz have been in joint management.

Bereits am 22.04.2009 erhielten wir die Urkunde zum 50 Jährigen Jubiläum
We received the certificate for the 50th anniversary on the 22.04.2009 already.

Our slogan "Quality since 1959" is the result of this long and successful company history. It is not without pride that we carry this slogan, as it is extremely difficult to gain a successful and long-lasting hold in this market.

Many companies disappear after a short time. Quality wins the day. We are therefore still in the market with an excellent reputation and operate successfully throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

Due to increasing sales growth in recent years, we have decided to expand our storage capacity by a second warehouse in 2018/2019. The second warehouse was completed in March 2019 and offers additional capacity to keep delivery times short.

Vielitz Landmaschinen Bremen
Vielitz agricultural machinery Bremen

Thanks to many satisfied customers, we were able to celebrate our 60th anniversary in April 2019.

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