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Attachment optionally on:
Tractor - front or rear mounting Cat. II and front loader Euro quick change frame
Optional attachment possibilities: to many wheel or telescopic loaders (specify exact type*) 

A snow blade from us is a robust and inexpensive way to keep your yard, road or other areas free for winter maintenance.
This snow blade is also suitable for commercial use, e.g. for supermarket parking lots or for caretaker services.

A collision safety device with 6 springs is standard, so it is possible to avoid obstacles. 
The rubber wear rail is divided into 3 parts, so not the entire blade but only the affected segment folds backwards.

* = instead of the Euro quick-change frame mounting, possibly the three-point mounting is not necessary for some options.

snow blade:

Below are a few tips and explanations about the special features and advantages of our snow blades.

Collision protection:

Whether without collision protection (can then also be used for light grading work) or collision protection: We can offer snow blades for every need.
In many applications, a collision safety device is extremely important. The SN260 snow blade has a 3-way split collision protection system. This means that the clearing bar can fold away when it encounters a small obstacle. Depending on the application, collision damage can be minimized or even completely eliminated.

side shift:

Depending on the model, our snow blades can be partially hydraulically inclined or are firmly welded in inclined position. A sloping position is necessary to ensure that the snow is transported in the desired direction when working.

Pendulum compensation:

Our Snowblade SN 260 has a small pendulum compensation. It can, for example, move the left side of the clearing blade downwards and the right side upwards at the same time. This allows you to clear inclines without losing grip on the scraper blade. The firmly welded snow blades have no pendulum compensation due to their construction.

Snow blade on the front loader, does that even work?

Again and again we hear that it would not be possible to push snow with a snow blade on the front loader. But this is not true. Important is a sufficient weight of the tractor, good tires and all-wheel drive. As long as these parameters are maintained, there is nothing to be said against a snow blade on the front loader. Even if not every point is adhered to, it is still possible to work cleanly, as long as larger quantities of snow are handled appropriately. So the advantages outweigh the disadvantages! Since our snow blade also has a three-point linkage, you can also attach it to the front linkage or alternatively to the rear. However, when mounting it at the rear, you must drive backwards.

A snow blade on the forklift? How powerful is it?

Of course a forklift truck is suitable for pushing snow. Naturally, it is not possible to move as much snow as with a tractor, but it is ideal for regular snow clearance!
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