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Rotary - high grass mower:
A rotary mower is used when the mowed material is to be preserved in its entirety, e.g. for animal feeding (for fresh grass feeding or hay making).

The rotary mowers are powered by a petrol engine and replace the obsolete beam mower. The operating principle of this type of high grass mower is a rotating plate on which several blades are mounted. These cut the grass directly and deposit it laterally in the swath. Furthermore, this method of operation gives a very clean cut due to the centrifugal force of the blades and, due to the rotating movement of the rotary mower, there is little vibration. A plucking, strong vibrations and a complex adjustment and sharpening of the blades as one is used to from a beam mower, does not exist with a rotary mower. 

Rotary mulcher - high grass mower and hand guided flail mulcher:
A rotary mulcher or a flail mulcher is used if the cut grass is to remain chopped and rot on the surface (spot composting).

There are two different modes of operation for a high grass mulcher. One variant is the rotary mulcher, the other variant is the flail mulcher. Both types produce the same end result, namely shredded mulch that can rot on the surface. A rotary mulcher is equipped with a special mowing blade similar to a lawn mower. The mulching function is ensured in the closed housing by the special design of the blade.
With a flail mulcher, many flails - shaped like a "Y" - are attached. Here the volume of the rotor is considerably larger than the housing of the rotary mulcher.

High grass mower from Vielitz: Effective maintenance of green areas

When bushes and grass on agricultural land or in your garden become so high that a normal lawnmower can no longer handle them, you should use a high grass mower. Thanks to its sharp blades and engine-driven wheels, a high grass mower is a robust and versatile tool for maintaining green areas and for obtaining fodder in the agricultural sector.

How does a high grass mower work?

All multi-seat high grass mowers are equipped with a drive motor, cutting tools and driven wheels. Sharp blades cut the tall grass and lay it down either uncut in a swath or finely mulched over the entire working width. Depending on the model, the cut grass can either be collected and used as fodder or it remains mulched on the field. Thanks to the powerful petrol drive, the rotary mowers are particularly predestined for forage production.
But also for the private garden and landscape maintenance a high grass mower from Vielitz is perfectly suitable, especially when green areas have not been cultivated for a long time and a conventional lawn mower cannot do a clean job anymore.

What advantages do high grass mowers have compared to lawnmowers?

From a certain height of the grass, it becomes impossible for a lawnmower to mow a grass area without gaps. Our high grass mowers achieve a clean result immediately, even on areas that are rarely maintained. Therefore, it is worthwhile to use a high-quality high grass mower from Vielitz, which effectively achieves the desired result already on the first pass.

Unlike lawnmowers, a high grass mower has the following advantages:

  • grass height plays a subordinate role
  • Mows high grass without clogging
  • Also suitable for professional use in agriculture
  • powerful
  • Particularly sharp and resilient knife blades
Thanks to the wheels, which are driven by a petrol engine, you can also work on rough terrain with your high grass mower. Small hedges, undergrowth and challenging areas are no longer an obstacle.
Depending on the personal requirements, there are different models of high grass mowers. High grass mowers are divided into beam mowers, rotary mowers and sickle mowers according to their cutting mechanisms. Especially the rotary mowers with their rotating blades are known for their clean cut and require less adjustment than a beam mower

High grass mulcher: Nutrient-rich soil through natural fertilizer

In contrast to high grass mowers, high grass mowers ensure sufficient nutrients in the soil because they cut and chop high grass and leave it on the surface. There the cut grass can rot. The soil gets back some of the nutrients. Depending on which cutting technique and design you prefer, you will find sickle and flail mowers in our range.
Strong sickle mulchers work with horizontal blades and are suitable for grass that you want to keep small mulched on the field.

Powerful high grass mowers from Vielitz

No matter whether you decide to buy a conventional high grass mower or a high grass mower with mulching function is more suited to your needs, at Vielitz you will find a wide range of grassland technology with which you can perfectly work your agricultural areas or even your own garden. Even if you have your own stock of trees which have to be processed, Vielitz offers you forestry technology for professional and private use.
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