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Due to our many years of experience we can offer you round bale wrappers in the professional segment at a favourable price. Of course we do not save on technology and equipment. However, as we do without demonstrations and trade fairs etc., we save costs and can therefore offer very reasonable prices and still with high quality. 

Our bale wrappers are of course suitable for agricultural companies, machine communities and the hard use in agriculture.

All models are suitable for bale weights up to 1200 kg and bale diameters from 120-160 cm and are equipped with a combi-stretcher for 500 and 750 film.
You have the choice of manual, automatic or radio control. You can also choose between various three-point machines or models with chassis.

Bale wrappers from Vielitz: With quality and experience

Since 1959, the Vielitz company has stood for the sale of high-quality agricultural machinery and is a popular contact point for many farmers when it comes to forestry equipment, products for winter services or grassland technology.
Especially in the agricultural sector, the appropriate technology must be available for the management of green areas. With bale wrappers you can process your cuttings optimally and save time at the same time.

For what are round bale wrappers needed?

Bale wrappers are machines with which hay and silage previously pressed into bales can be wrapped in film and thus stored. To wrap specially round bales in film, you need a round bale wrapper such as the one you find in our range.
This technical equipment is also needed for the preparation of the silage. For this purpose, after one day of drying, freshly cut grass is put into a bale form and wrapped in foil, which starts a fermentation process. The resulting lactic acid gives the fodder a long shelf life.
The packaging prevents air and moisture from getting into the withered grass, which could cause rotting or rot. In this case, the grass cuttings would no longer be suitable as fodder for cattle, for example.

What are the advantages of using a bale wrapper?

Bale wrappers bring you decisive advantages, both for your company and for your animals. The bale form of the wrapper makes space-saving and long storage possible and the fodder can be fed all year round. In addition, you can easily transport them from place to place. Help with loading bale tongs and bale forks that guarantee transport without damaging the film.
Another advantage of storing fodder in packaged bales is that these bales can be consumed individually, as required.

An overview of the advantages of a bale wrapper:

  • Easy to transport
  • Space-saving storage
  • Preserving the feed
  • Silage bales can be used individually
  • Time saving
  • Improving economy and efficiency

Your Vielitz bale wrapper: With us you have the choice

Our bale wrappers from the professional segment are either designed by us as trailers for tractors or are available as three-point linkage. All models are suitable for bale weights of up to 1,200 kg and a diameter of 120-160 cm and are hydraulically driven. For clean bale wrapping, the round bale wrappers are equipped with a combi-stretcher for 500 and 750 mm film.
Our models have various features that can be particularly practical depending on your needs. For example, the loading arm can be at the rear, side or front. You can also choose between manual, automatic or radio control in our range. You can also select optional accessories such as lighting or a bale opener on the respective product pages.
. No matter whether you own a large or small tractor, whether you appreciate working with a double arm wrapper like the extensively equipped FW 160 DTN TWIN bale wrapper, whether a simpler model with an automatic wrapping arm is sufficient for you or whether you are looking for an implement for rear or front mounting - at Vielitz you will find the bale wrapper that is exactly tailored to your requirements.

Which is the right round bale wrapper for you? We will help you!

We can offer you a wide range of Vielitz bale wrappers, which are all easy to use and of the highest quality. Our favourable delivery prices also make it possible to ship to all of Europe.
Due to our large storage capacities, we are also able to keep the delivery times for your desired machine, whether it is a three-point machine or with its own chassis, short. So you will soon be able to cultivate your fields with our round bale wrappers. Now all you have to do is decide which bale wrapper is the right one for your requirements and ideas. Do you have questions about a special bale wrapper? You can reach us under 0421-633025 or by e-mail to info@vielitz.de.

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