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The management of green areas forms the basis for high-quality feed for your farm animals. You will find the technical equipment for this here!

In our shop you will find a wide range of equipment for harvesting and further processing of the grass material. We offer high-quality high grass mowers, rotary mowers and mulchers, as well as bale wrappers and bale grippers. We also have fertilizer spreaders.

Bale Wrapper (6)
Round bale wrappers with wheeled chassis or three-point linkage
Bale Grapper (1)
Round bale grippers with floating cylinder
High Grass Mower / Rotary Mower (8)
Rotary mower, rotary mower and hand guided flail mower
Flail Mowers
Front-, Heck-, und Seitenmulchgeräte für Traktoren
Fertilizer Spreader (2)
Fertiliser spreader with 320kg payload made of stainless steel
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