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Make more out of your wood with the Vielitz petrol shredder

Not only as a professional farmer or forest worker you can use a wood shredder well, even for the trees in your own garden such an efficient device is worthwhile. The petrol shredder is one of the most popular models. It allows you to process your wood very effectively thanks to the powerful engine. Alternative drives are for example Wood shredder with PTO drive or Wood shredder with power drive.

Why is a wood or garden shredder with petrol worthwhile?

Like all wood chippers, a petrol or diesel powered shredder is the perfect tool for farmers or foresters to shred wood. Unnecessary branches and dead fallen wood often cover the entire ground, e.g. in forests or on agricultural land, and must be disposed of. This is not only time-consuming, but can also result in costs for you. 
With a powerful petrol shredder from Vielitz you save time and invest in your future with the acquisition costs. You can still use the wood pieces processed in the machine for heating. Furthermore, with the diesel or petrol wood chippers you have easy maintenance, just like with the other Vielitz wood chippers. For example, the chipper augers can be resharpened without any problems and the counter blade is also easily adjustable.

Petrol shredder from Vielitz - the advantages at a glance:

  • Decisive time saving
  • Much lower costs
  • Efficient processing possible
  • Less effort and easy maintenance
  • Sensible further use of wood

Whether long or coarse - Vielitz has the right wood chipper with petrol / diesel

How does a gasoline shredder from Vielitz work?

A wood chipper with petrol or diesel is operated by a combustion engine. Cutting material is added through the opening and is automatically drawn in by an auger. Depending on which of our models you choose, you can have wood pieces with a diameter of up to 70 or 100mm shredded.
Inside the machine the wood is shredded. Due to the fast processing, a gasoline wood chipper from Vielitz is extremely effective and creates a high throughput. The shredded wood pieces are transported to the outside via the ejection and can be filled into bags.

Independent of the power supply system, easily transportable - the special features

The combustion engine makes a wood shredder running on petrol or diesel particularly effective and powerful. Because it is independent of the power grid, you can set it up and operate it wherever you want.
What's more, our exceptional wood chippers can be easily transported with petrol through their wheels. These give the machines additional stability by balancing the weight. A ball-head coupling also makes it easier to move the machine on private land.
So that you can also work outside your property, it is easiest to move your wood chipper with diesel/petrol with a trailer. From this trailer you can work directly at the edge of the forest or on your agricultural land. Extra accessories such as a bag ejector for one or two bags also make your combustion engine wood chipper a helpful support in the forestry technology.

Powerful wood chippers petrol / diesel - Vielitz is your contact person

Wood chipper with petrol engine - just grind the cutting screw:

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