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Wood chipper with PTO drive - Powerful and durable

Wood chippers are special helpers for processing wood. As a farmer or forester, you can easily free the forest of fallen timber and can also heat your building more easily with wood. Are you looking for a >u>wood chipper>/a> that is suitable for regular loading and continuous operation? Then you have come to the right place! Alternatively, Wood chipper with petrol engine are also available.

How does a shredder with PTO work?

The power take-off shaft is a power take-off of a tractor. It is set in motion by a PTO shaft located between the deripoint hitch at the rear of the tractor. Drive energy is generated by the rotation. This power is used to drive the chipping auger and chop the wood.  

This system is not only used for forage harvesters, but also for other agricultural machines. To operate a wood chipper, you can use a PTO drive as well as a combustion engine or electricity. However, PTO shredders have decisive advantages.

PTO shredders: What advantages do you benefit from?

In contrast to a Wood chipper with power current drive or with petrol, the wood chipper for tractors generates most of the power. This type of drive therefore makes commercial use particularly attractive, for example, for foresters or farmers, as the high splitting force significantly reduces the amount of work required. Due to its robust design, the auger chipper can be permanently loaded and is very durable.

Since it is independent of power sources or generators, you can use the wood chipper with mechanical drive anywhere. In the yard, in the field or for use in the forest - at any place your wood can be processed effectively and is therefore also a popular, time-saving forestry technology.

The advantages of the wood chipper for tractors at a glance:

  • Often quieter than gasoline engines

  • maximum ejection height possible

  • Long-lived

  • time saving

  • Can be used at any location

  • Additional accessories such as bagging attachments or special cardan shafts, which you can select from our machines, make the work even easier.

    PTO shredder for coarse and fine wood pieces

    Decide between long chippers and coarse chippers from our range, which process the wood into different sized pieces according to your own requirements.

    Both versions are also available with a towing device that allows the wood chipper to carry and fill a trailer. Depending on the requirements you have for your wood shredder, you will find at Vielitz not only machines for different diameters but also, for example, shredders with angular gears. The auger chipper can then be filled from the side and in addition the wood chips are transported directly onto the trailer. The majority of the wood chippers are equipped with a rotating ejector.   

    With a wood chipper with power take-off drive you invest in your agricultural or forestry business, because the exceptional power and frequency of operation saves you a lot of time and effort. With the coarse wood chips and energy wood that can be produced with it, you free your land from waste wood and at the same time you can process the wood for your own use.

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