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Information on screw wood chippers and long chippers

Our coarse chippers and long chippers are a simple and economical way to process wood up to 150mm.
The produced coarse chippings or energy wood can be burned easily and uncomplicated. For example, you can first fill firewood into the combustion chamber and then fill it up with coarse chippings.
Normally, the original material would have been disposed of or processed at great expense. Now you can process this (usually) free material easily, cheaply and quickly. The nice side effect: The surfaces are more well-kept and now coarse wood chips and energy wood are produced, which can be used and does not have to be disposed of.
A screw chipper still has many advantages over rotor or disc chippers. The chopping screw of the coarse chipper is getting bigger and bigger, so that the wood is first drawn in and later cut and transported further. The intake is therefore self-retracting and further feeding devices such as intake rollers can therefore be dispensed with. A worm chipper also works more quietly and the machine is subjected to fewer impacts than, for example, disc chippers. The screw chipper also greatly reduces the fines, as the wood splinters less. The pieces are very even.
With all our wood chippers the counter blade can be adjusted and the chopping screw can be resharpened. This way we guarantee a long service life and easy maintenance. Below the auger, the bottom can be lowered without tools and thus too large material can be removed easily and quickly.
The hopper has a safety bar. By operating the safety bar, a flap in the hopper of the chipper is closed and further infeed is prevented. This is important not only for the safety of the user, but also to block the feed if unwanted foreign bodies have been fed in.
Wheels and a hand drawbar are standard on the 400V (three-phase / power current) version. The machine can therefore be moved easily due to its compact design. Models with petrol or diesel engines are also available at a favourable price on request.

difference between coarse wood chips and energy wood:

We distinguish between rough wood chips and energy wood. The final result of our long chippers is approx. 15cm long and is not further shredded or split. Depending on the original diameter, you will also get very nice wood for tempering. Pieces with larger diameters can be handled like logs. The coarse chips of our coarse chippers are to be understood as very coarse chips. However, as this material is much coarser than commercial wood chips, more air gets into the material. This is a great advantage for both the drying and the burning process.

regrinding of the cutting screw:

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