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Coarse shredders and long shredders differ in the length of the ejection result.
coarse chippings = generate coarse chips with a length of approx. 80 or 90 mm
long chipper = produce even coarser energy wood with a length of approx. 150 mm

If you need coarse chips, select the coarse chippers (GH models). If you are looking for even coarser energy wood, the long chippers (EB + EBH models) are right for you.

Variants for 70, 100 and 150 mm wood diameter are available. The model for 150 mm chops whole Christmas trees.

The chipping screw draws in the wood quickly and aggressively and chops it up at the same time. Due to the pulling cut there is less impact stress than with a disc chipper. In addition, the material does not splinter and the fine fraction is reduced even further. Thin and soft material is, of course, drawn in and shredded cleanly both in our coarse shredders and in our long shredders. For the machine it does not matter whether you feed a thick branch or many small branches. All domestic soft and hard woods can be shredded. It does not matter whether the wood is dry or fresh, there is no restriction.
In the video at the very bottom of this page we explain how to regrind the auger. Since our chippers cut the wood cleanly and do not beat it, the wear is generally very low.

Screw wood chippers have many advantages over other systems. There is more interesting information about this in the Uni Göttingen

wood chipper & wood chipper from Vielitz - Save time and money

As a farmer or forestry worker, you often have to deal with fallen timber, which covers the ground after storms, for example, and may even block the paths. In order to be able to process this wood easily and effectively, Vielitz wood chippers are suitable, which have been produced for a permanent load and regular operation. The wood chips produced with the wood chippers can then be used for heating. But the wood chippers can not only be used commercially - you can also use a wood shredder to process fallen wood and branches from your own tree population in the garden.

With a wood chipper you have the following advantages:

  • Time saving
  • Less workload
  • Cost-effective, since no disposal fee for waste wood
  • Can be used in many places depending on equipment

How does a wood chipper with cutting screw work?

Our auger chippers, which are installed in the Petrol chipper as well as in the PTO chipper or in the wood chipper with power drive, show decisive advantages compared to disc or drum chippers, from which you will profit when buying. The conical screw serves as a shredding tool that rotates into the wood. Due to the sharp outer edges, the pieces of wood are broken out evenly, so that they appear regular and do not splinter. The infeed is automatic and reliable; for example, neither a separate infeed nor rollers are required. After the timber - whether thick or thin, dry or moist - has been fed and cut, it is transported onward and ejected.

What are the advantages of screw chippers?

Since this design, unlike others, works with a pulling cut rather than a hammering cut, the machine is not subjected to a continuous overload and is therefore quieter. Furthermore, a screw chipper has a simple, low-maintenance design and a long service life. Furthermore, the worm can be reground without any problems, as you can see in the following video:

In summary, with a screw shredder you can benefit from the following advantages:

  • Self-retracting without feeding devices
  • Quieter work
  • even and not splintering pieces of wood
  • Easy maintenance
  • Suitable for all wood
  • No impact load due to pulling cut

What should you consider when choosing a wood chipper?

Before you decide on a wood chipper, you must ask yourself for which requirements it should be suitable. If you have a tractor, pto driven wood chipper could be just the right one for you. For example, if there is a power supply at your location, you can also use wood chipper with electric drive

Depending on the type of drive, you can choose between devices for wood with diameters of 70, 100 up to 150mm. Depending on your requirements, you also have the choice between coarse and long chippers.

What is the difference between coarse and long chippers?

Coarse chippers process wood into coarse chips of up to 80 or 90mm in length. These can be easily packed into bags by the ejection system and thus be stored without any problems. The wood chips are well suited for firing, as they are easy to dry and even during firing sufficient air comes to the material.
In contrast, long chippers do not process the wood into small chips, but produce energy wood with a length of approx. 15cm. Instead of laboriously chipping logs with an axe, you save time and effort with a long chipper. The firewood is well suited for lighting and firing and can also be filled into bags for storage, just like the wood chips. Of course, you can also return these pieces of wood in shredded form to nature for composting.

Sustainable and CO2-neutral: What is energy wood?

With a wood chipper you can not only simplify your work in agriculture or forestry, you also make yourself independent of fossil fuels, because wood is an energy source and therefore a suitable alternative. The energy wood can not only be used for your own needs, but also for heating and electricity plants, for example, are grateful consumers of biomass. Fast growing woods such as poplar, robinia or willow are suitable for this purpose, as well as residual wood that can be processed as wood chips or pellets. The combustion of energy wood can therefore generate electricity and heat, and it is also available regionally and has a positive ecological balance.

Find suitable wood chippers at Vielitz

Are you looking for a device for mechanical wood shredding? Vielitz offers you a wide range forestry machines, which will support you according to your working conditions. For example, if you choose the 400V version, wheels and hand drawbar are standard. So you can easily move your wood chipper and use it anywhere. But Vielitz also has a suitable wood chipper for every other requirement in its product range - feel free to have a look around!

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