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wood splitter with PTO drive

Wood splitters with PTO drive are effective devices used for splitting wood in agriculture and forestry. Thanks to their powerful drive, they have a particularly high output, allowing wood to be processed with high splitting power. Vielitz offers you different models, which facilitate your work and fit exactly to your requirements.    

What is a wood splitter with pto shaft?

A wood splitter is used to split large pieces of wood into logs, which can then be used for firing, for example. These devices, which are popular in forestry operations, but also for private purposes, are offered with different types of drive. Particularly popular, in addition to a Petrol wood splitte and a electic log splitter. A wood splitter with this power source is connected to a tractor via a PTO shaft and receives its drive energy from this.
Wood splitters with power take-off shaft are available in two possible versions:

  • vertical wood splitter
  • Horizontal wood splitter

You will also find these two types of a wood splitter with power take-off shaft in our assortment. Which one suits you best depends on your requirements and the characteristics that this efficient machine must have. Depending on the model, Vielitz log splitters differ not only in the type of drive, construction or operation - the splitting length and weight of the machines also vary. Although the log splitters are solidly built and therefore very heavy, they can be easily transported if they are equipped with a chassis or a three-point suspension with wheels. This makes a wood splitter with power take-off drive flexible.

How does a wood splitter for PTO shafts work?

A wood splitter with PTO drive is connected via a PTO shaft to the PTO shaft of a tractor, which is located above the three-point linkage at the rear of the vehicle. The wood splitter tractor PTO shaft transmits the power from the tractor engine to the splitting wedge, which is moved by the drive pressure.
However, the way it works depends on whether it is a standing or lying wood splitter, because then either the wedge or a pressure plate is moved. In both cases, however, the tree pieces can be split powerfully thanks to this mechanical drive energy. 

Wood splitters for tractors: What are the advantages of a PTO wood splitter?

A drive with a power take-off shaft brings you special advantages from which you can benefit. These include the fact that the wood splitter is independent of electricity or petrol thanks to the tractor connection with this type of drive. This makes it an effective tool, especially in areas where there is no power supply. Even for continuous use in the forest, the wood splitter with power take-off shaft is perfectly suited because it works at high power.
The strong splitting power even processes long logs and particularly hard woods without difficulty into handy logs that can be used for storage as firewood. A PTO wood splitter with wheels is also particularly easy to transport because it can be coupled to the pivot point hydraulics of a tractor.
A further advantage is that all Vielitz wood splitters run at the PTO shaft at approx. 350 rpm, for which most tractors require only slightly increased idle gas. In contrast, many other wood splitter tractor models require full throttle to operate. This way you can not only save fuel with the Vielitz wood splitters, you also cause less noise.

The advantages of a wood splitter with power take-off shaft at a glance:

  • High performance
  • Effective and simple processing of long timber
  • High splitting force
  • independent of petrol and electricity
  • Usable for continuous operation
  • Which combination with other types of actuators is possible?

    If you want even more flexibility, you can also choose a wood splitter with a combination of PTO and power current. This second type of drive makes the wood splitter even more independent: in the field or in the forest, thanks to the PTO, the wood splitter can be used in the same way as in residential areas where, in order to avoid the emission of exhaust fumes from the tractor's internal combustion engines, you use electricity instead.
    We are also happy to respond to other special change requests as long as they are technically possible and permissible. Simply contact us - we will be happy to advise you!

    Wood splitter PTO: With Vielitz it is easy to find your suitable machine

    Wood splitters with power take-off drive are, due to their solid construction and high power of impact, useful tools that support forestry and agricultural operations in wood processing. Which model you choose is up to you and depends on your requirements and areas of application. Vielitz offers a wide range not only of wood splitters, but also of other agricultural and forestry equipment - please feel free to have a look at our products!

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