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Tilting circular saw type WK-F with conveyor belt

Product number: WK
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Particularly sturdy circular firewood saw (up to 540kg) with power take-off shaft drive or electric motor. Thanks to the high-quality, carbide-tipped saw blade, you achieve a fast and precise cut for your firewood. Our rocker is standardly equipped with 2 - fold ball bearings for efficient working.
A wood fixing lever is installed above the rocker. This keeps the wood always in the right position for a clean cut. In addition, a length stop is standard as well as an additional guide for longer wood. The guide ensures that the long piece of wood is held securely on the large rocker.

Due to an intelligent construction of the saw we achieve a possible cutting depth of 280mm. Of course, the saw is equipped with all prescribed safety devices.
The movable saw blade guard has been designed so that the saw blade is completely protected against accidental grasping in the neutral position.  Finally, the most important thing: All our rocker circular saws are of course equipped with a V-belt drive. This reliably prevents damage and increases the service life enormously.

standard equipment:

  • 700 mm saw blade (carbide tipped)
  • cutting depth 280 mm
  • V-belt drive (no direct drive)
  • Additional guide for long logs
  • Length stop
  • Conveyor belt 4 m (optional 5m)
  • with hand crank Height adjustable
  • Conveyor belt with hand crank can be lowered for transport and extended to working position
  • Cat. 2 three-point tower
  • heavy professional version 
  • up to 540 kg weight (depending on drive type)

Available drive types

  • Power current 400 Volt 
  • Power take-off drive


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